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CAMEX - specialist in metallurgical processing of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, metalworking

The Company CAMEX spol .s r.o. was founded 1st October 1992 for the purpose of production of plastic packaging. Over the years
company crossed for the production of the sputtering targets for optical media and in recent years put on weight next fields.

Our Company is engaged in the processing of non-ferrous metals and alloys. We offer the production of materials as required the customer
from casting, forming up to the machining.

These fields we own the certificate ISO 9001:2008.


We offer

Metallurgical processing of non-ferrous metals

  • Heat treatment metals (hardening, sting)
  • Casting (copper, aluminium, low-melted alloys, precious metals, etc.)
  • Forming (rolling,pressing, rotary forging)
  • Production of wires

Production of the pure metals alloys

  • Production of pure metals and alloys from pure metals (purity 99,99 to 99,99999%)

Production of sputtering targets


  • Conventional and CNC machining
  • Turning into the average 500 mm lenghts 1 m
  • Milling work into 600 x 1500mm
  • Other machining operation – sloting, drilling, grinding, production of gearing into module 4

Other machining operations – shaping, drilling, grinding, production of gearing into the module 4

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